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Today’s fast paced world and way of living in our city of London has us bending backwards and forwards on a daily basis. Needless to say, this can be very bad for our back, posture and general health if we’re not careful enough. We spend hours and hours sitting in front of a computer or a laptop, usually in a very awkward position that’s not really beneficial for our spine, ending up in big problems with our back that can turn into chronic ones. Luckily, there are several ways which can prevent these detrimental effects of sitting and staring into computer screens for hours on end, and one of the most effective ones is massage.

Massages in London

The ancient technique of massage has been practiced for thousands of years in all cultures throughout the world. Initially, it was considered to be something only the affluent could afford, but over the course of time, it has become widely and readily available to anyone who is interested in a healthy lifestyle and relaxing every once in a while, because today’s stressful way of life can really take its toll on every single one of us. Interestingly enough, experts say that a whopping 90% of modern day diseases stem from stress. Scary, isn’t it? And also, stress is one of the major factors in premature aging , both internal and external. This is exactly where getting a regular massage can come in mighty handy: not only can it help you manage everyday stress, but it can also leave you feeling and looking younger, happier and healthier.

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Now, you might ask yourself, what exactly are the benefits of massage? They include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Helping to lower psychological ailments, such as depression and anxiety
  • Lowering the levels of stress
  • Helping with muscle pain, cramps, spasms, and similar
  • Increasing the flexibility of your joints
  • Helping with back pain (especially in severe cases of people who tend to spend more than 12 hours glued to a chair and computer screen)
  • Improving blood circulation by pumping oxygen into vital organs
  • Releasing endorphins, aka natural feel good hormones, leaving us feeling calm, relaxed and satisfied
  • Relieving migraines and headaches

Thus, you can see how beneficial a massage can be for you. And not only that – regular massage can produce overwhelmingly positive sensations, such as comfort and caring, so not only are you left feeling physically better, but psychologically as well. Now, when it comes to choosing the right kind of massage for you, luckily there are approximately 80 different kinds of massages, suited to all sorts of tastes and needs a client might have. They all differ in regards with the general technique, pressure or the kind of movement it involves. For example, some massages consist of manipulating muscles by pressing certain points in the body, while others include working with the soft tissue, and using either the masseuse’s hands, fingers, palms, elbows, feet, or even objects such as hot stones and similar.

massage londonSwedish Massage
This is the most common type of massage therapy.

London mobile massagesDeep Tissue Massage
Treating stiff, painful spots like the shoulder and neck.

london massagesShiatsu Massage
Shiatsu is a form of Japanese bodywork.

massages in londonThai Massage
Thai massage includes compressions and stretches.

What’s interesting to point out is that all these different kinds of massages aim to obtain the same result, which is relaxation and relieving of tension deep in the muscles, through the use of different techniques. For example, Shiatsu massage, your therapist will use his or her finger pressure in a soothingly rhythmic motion to exert pressure on your body’s acupressure points. The purpose of this is to release the body’s vital energy, also known as chi. Swedish massage on the other hand, is what most people think of when they say massage. What it basically boils down to is soft, long, deep strokes of the muscle tissue, leaving you both energized and relaxed. Deep tissue massage focuses on sore spots on your body, so if you have a stiff back or neck, your therapist will focus on that point, using slow motions which put pressure on deep tissues beneath your skin, targeting the sore spot. This is most commonly done for athletes and people who practice sports, as deep tissue massage is extremely helpful with muscle injuries. And finally, Thai massage includes moving the client into different positions, with the addition of acupressure, and working on the muscles as well as joints.

Here, at LondonHelp, you’ll find many skilled professionals who will give you a massage to remember. But, what’s important for you to know is that we don’t offer these services ourselves. That’s the job of a mediating company, and we’re not one of those unfriendly organizations. We are simply the ingeniously designed platform, that has the privilege of connecting you, the Londoners, with our skilled Service Providers. We also don’t charge provision for this, which a mediating company would surely do. We only charge £1, in order to benefit you, and so that getting in touch with our Service Providers can continue to be a piece of cake for you. All you have to do is create an auction and then, take your pick from the number of Service Providers who will apply for the massage job you need.

Furthermore, you’ll get to see who these Service Providers are, because here at LondonHelp, we believe that all the information should be out in the open, and only this way, can you make the right choice. This is why you get to see photos, personal info, client feedback, comments and level of satisfaction. All this is very important to know when picking the right person for the job. Then, you choose your masseuse and simply enjoy the ride. We’re sure that once you find that someone with hands of gold, you’ll keep coming back to them over and over again, and we’ll be more than happy to know that we helped you get in touch with this person.

In addition to this, we know how generous and world-conscious Londoners are, so we’re happy to inform you that LondonHelp takes £1 from every auction and donates it monthly to a chosen London Charity. There are no other fees, no deposits, or anything of the sort. It’s just our way of making this great city of London an even more beautiful and caring place.

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So, if you’re feeling that strain in your neck or back, or if you’re just aching for some relaxation, then look no further. Simple join our LondonHelp community and get a great massage that will change your life. Massages are no longer a luxury but are quality of life.

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We have dozens of trained massage therapists waiting to get their hands on your tense muscles, so you’ll be able to find somebody who looks just right for you. You can find different therapists in different price ranges. Read your masseuses profile, see their ratings, reviews and see the type of massage they specialise in. Having decided, choose the therapist you want and get your massage booked. Many will have different schedule times, so do check availability with them.

Our hand picked masseuses are happy to visit your home or hotel room, and bring all the equipment needed for you to enjoy a Thai, Swedish or Deep tissue massage.

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