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There’s nothing that allows you more productivity and more relaxation than having a nice and organized home or work environment. And by nice and organized, we also mean clean. Because, every single one of us likes their environment all neat and clean. Unfortunately, thoroughly cleaning things and places, usually takes up a whole lot of our precious free time, of which we already have so little. So, spending even a small portion of it on something that doesn’t bring us too much pleasure, seems like a waste of our time, especially if we take into account all those other things we could be doing, such as spending those precious moments with our loved ones, taking a course in order to advance ourselves either personally or professionally, or just relaxing in nature.

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Recent surveys show that the average Londoner sometimes just can’t be bothered by cleaning, which more often than not, leaves their home and work environment messy, grimy and overall, unpleasant to be in. This of course, has numerous negative effects on the quality of their everyday life. So, why not try to avoid this and continue the flow of positive energy throughout your work and home?
And this is exactly where we step in: offering impeccable cleaning services, backed up with a 100% Cleaning Guarantee for a job well done, thus allowing you the privilege of spending your precious free moments doing something worthy of remembering in your old age.

Here, at LondonHelp, you can find all sorts of cleaning services including, but not limited to:

  • End of tenancy cleaning
  • One-time spring cleaning
  • Contract cleaning (at a frequency that suits you best, whether it’s weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.)
  • Residential cleaning
  • Office cleaning
  • After builders cleaning
  • After party cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning, etc.

Our Service Providers will also be happy to discuss any individual wishes and requirements, all in order to satisfy all your cleaning needs. Taking into account that we are in constant contact with private tenants, landlords and realty agencies, we’re always familiarizing ourselves with cleaning requirements with regards to special conditions, such as end of tenancy cleaning, so you can rest assured that you’ll be getting that deposit back upon moving out.

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But, do keep in mind that we’re not just your regular old platform offering services ourselves, such as cleaning. On the contrary, there is no company between you and the cleaning Service Providers, there are no hidden costs, there is no catch that you’ll find out about once you’ve made your decision. What we wanted to create was a way of doing business that’s totally straightforward, by connecting the two parties, you the Londoner and our Service providers, under one common roof. It just seemed like a much better option than you having to contact several companies for all your needs. As a result, you can easily depend on us for both excellence and affordable prices when it comes to opening the doors to either your home or your work place to the highly skilled and trained professionals that offer their services on our platform.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning
Guarantee your deposit return by our Service Providers.

residential cleaning in LondonResidential Cleaning
Our cleaners are trained to the highest standards.

Office cleaning in LondonOffice Cleaning
Custom tailor made cleaning program for your office.

Carpet cleaaning in LondonCarpet Cleaning
High quality cleaning methods for best results.

Now, while some might say that it’s actually more affordable to clean up your space yourself, we say that sometimes, you can spend that time doing something more productive, while you leave all your cleaning needs to our more than efficient and affordable professionals. This is our mission: offering you the best service for the lowest possible cost, at the satisfaction of both you, the Londoner, and our Service Providers. All you have to do is create an auction and choose the bidder you like the best, who offers you the right price under the right conditions. In addition to this, you get the benefit of seeing who this bidder is and finding out important info about him or her, such as their previous jobs and customer satisfaction, feedback, etc. It’s all out there in the open, for you, because other cleaning companies don’t offer you this kind of information readily, which sometimes leaves to dissatisfaction with the final results, and all this, after you’ve paid an arm and a leg for a cleaning job that was neither good, nor budget-friendly. So, why risk it?

Furthermore, we also understand your need to be involved in your neighborhood and its goings on, so we’re more than happy to inform you that every single auction gives away £1 for a chosen London charity. So, not only do you get a squeaky clean office or home, but you also get to help those less fortunate than yourself. As a platform of this kind, which urges to pioneer the field of cleaning in London, our Service Providers aim for repeat business. So, whatever your cleaning needs may be – whether they are end of tenancy cleaning, residential cleaning, office cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning – rest assured that not only will your cleaning needs be met, but your expectations will also be exceeded.

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So, why would you settle for strangers cleaning your home or office, when you can view these people, see who they are, what their ratings are and how other Londoners have commented on their services? Join LondonHelp today!

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For all your Cleaning services needs, choose one of ours hand picked cleaners who offer premium-quality cleaning solutions in the Greater London area. You can find different service providers in different price ranges. Read your provider profile, see their ratings, reviews and see the type of service they specialise in. Having decided, choose the one you want and get your service booked.

Our hand picked independent service providers are the best London has to offer and they can provide anything from quick cleaning job, to regular residential cleaning, right up to office cleaning services.

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