• Ten tips on being a successful Escort

    If you’re here for easy money leave right now! A lot goes into making a perfect escort as the clients can be demanding and every time you will meet someone who is different from the last.

Ten tips on being a successful Escort

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My tips and advices of what it takes to become a successful Escort.

So here goes…

Being an escort often takes a lot more than people realise, however once you know what you need to do and stick to a set of hints and tips, everything just seems to fall into place the job becomes completely simple

Here are the top ten pieces of advice that will help you to become a successful escort with very happy customers.

  1. Network, network and network some more

Don’t stick to just one marketing platform – by doing this you are cutting yourself off from other outlets that are just as successful when it comes to getting you work.

Adultwork and Vivastreet are great, and they are perfect for setting yourself up as an escort, but they aren’t 100% reliable and can cut off your income without any notice. Many genuine escorts post that their page has been deleted for no reason and you can’t reinstate it easily – the only way to contact these sites is by using a website form, which has no way of you tracking whether you are going to get a reply.

By all means, use these outlets and market yourself via already established mediums, but don’t be completely reliant on them. Create your own website and make it easy for people to contact you directly. Keyword integration is a must and you can do this quite easily – simply hit Google and find out the most used keywords in your area. For example, if you are an escort in London, you are more than likely guaranteed to get somewhere with phrases like London escorts, escorts in London – simply think of what you would input if you were a punter looking for an escort.

You will find many idiots who use websites online to find an escort, and many great clients who don’t use websites at all. Add yourself to directories and cover all bases so that you are getting maximum exposure in all of the right places, without there being a risk that your exposure could be removed without you being informed.

  1. Use good photographs

Let’s not pretend that escorting doesn’t have some form of reliance on looks, and whilst it might not be everything, most men who are looking for an escort will want one that is easy on the eye.

Having good photos is the best way to show off your image, and use your photos to show off a touch of your personality. Go professional if you want to cover all bases and make sure that you stand out – then you really won’t go wrong with your pictures.

  1. Make yourself number one

It’s a no brainer that if you’re selling your body as your living, then it should be in good condition and well maintained. Get your hair done, shave your legs, wear your makeup, lose a few pounds that are bothering you – whatever it is you think that you need to do in order to stay on top of your looks game, then do it.

When it comes to escorting, every client has different tastes, so you don’t have to try to be a carbon copy of somebody else, but just make sure that you are the best version of yourself that you can be and you are sure to make money.

  1. Don’t spend all of your time chatting

OK, so having a chat to get started is great – it breaks the ice and it gives you some time to get to know each other. However, if your client wanted a chat, they could head down to the local pub, and nine times out of ten, that’s not what they are looking for.

So, be bold and do what your client is probably itching for you to do, but doesn’t know how to initiate it. If you show that you are ready to fulfil their fantasies, you will bag yourself a returning client.

  1. Protect yourself

Don’t give anybody your personal information – period. Your personal life and escorting life should be treated as two separate entities; you go to work, finish work and that’s where it ends. Friendships within the escort industry are possible, but a lot of jealousy does occur and you don’t want to find yourself in the midst of some kind of bitchfest – it’s not good for you and it’s not good for business.

  1. Stay single

Of course, you can date and have relationships, but remember – your clients don’t need to know that!

Your client will not want to know about your husband/boyfriend/latest date whatsoever. For the time that they are with you, all they care about is you and them.

  1. Plan ahead

Money in the escort game is fabulous – there is no other way of putting it. If you manage to strike the balance of everything that you need in order to be a good escort, such as looks, personality and a good business mind, you will find yourself earning a pay packet that is nothing short of amazing.

Don’t spend your money on useless junk that won’t be important in 12 month’s time – instead, be savvy and invest in your future. Make sure you are debt free, travel, give your kids everything that they could need.

But don’t let the money melt through your hands because you will find yourself doing it forever, and you will never be able to come away from the escort industry if you want to. Having nice things is a perk of the job, but don’t make it the only thing that you have to show for it.

  1. Be business savvy

Just because you are escorting and it isn’t a stereotypical job to have, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t treat the job as you would any other. You get your returning clients by establishing yourself as a consistent, dedicated escort who offers high customer service, good marketing and an organised schedule. Always strive to be one step ahead of your business rivals and offer something bigger and better.

  1. Don’t share what you do

Just because you are an escort, doesn’t mean that you should be ashamed, however, this chosen profession is one that gets a lot of judgement from those who don’t understand the industry or share your views. Therefore, it is wise not to share what you do unless you absolutely have to. Stay anonymous until the point of meeting up with your client.

  1. Offer your clients consistency

If get a booking through and say that you’ll be there, then be there – it really is that simple. Don’t give bad excuses, don’t let them down last minute and stay for the full time that they have paid for.
If you are consistent, do what you say you will and ultimately ensure that your client has a good time, you will get those all-important regular clients, and regular clients means a regular, steady income.