• Most Important for Escorts – Looks or Persona?

    Your looks will only take you half the way, to go all the way, you have to have a pleasant personality and you must know how to take care of your clients in a friendly and polite manner.

Most Important for Escorts – Looks or Persona?

Let’s make no secret about the fact that most escorts are selected by men based on their looks in photographs, and it is very rare that an escort is chosen purely for their personality. That is not knocking escorts, most have unbelievable personalities that make them an absolute pleasure to be around, but when it comes to that initial selection process, a prospective client will look at the outside package before delving in deeper to the personality.

However, once you get past the initial stage of a client liking the way that you look, it is your personality that will carry you further to more meetings with your client. Escorting is very competitive and new girls arrive on the scene every single day, so you have to show your clients why you are different, and why they should return to you time and time again; this is where personality steps in.

Yes, make sure you look as fabulous as possible, but nurse that personality to perfection, too.

A man will want to feel comfortable with you, and the way you look doesn’t help with this. Yes, you may be nice to look at, but the way you carry yourself is what will make you stand out and if you are nice to your clients and look after them in a way that makes them feel genuinely cared for, then you are going all the way in order to secure future bookings.

Deliver a good, all-round service

If we want to really break it down, you are working in the service industry just as much as a waitress works in the service industry, so customer interaction and building up a rapport with clients is absolutely paramount. Stay positive, leave your problems at the door and make your client feel like they are experiencing a breath of fresh air. There will be times that you come across a client that is a little more difficult, such is life, but adapt to their needs and be accommodating and you’ll soon get past any awkwardness.

Just like everything in life, escorting is all about balance, and you have to make a perfect combination of both looks and personality to really go far in the escort industry. Escorting is full of beauties who are very conscious about the way that they look, but men also look for a little something extra that makes them remember you; they don’t want a vacuous space where your personality should be, they want both. If they are paying for it, then it’s a no brainer that they will want the best.

Build the spark

Even though this is a paid for service, clients still want that spark, and you could be the most stunning escort in the industry, but with nothing to talk about with your client or absolutely no spark, then you won’t really have anything else that draws them in. Work on your personality and fake it until you make it if you have to – learn a little bit about your client before you meet them in order to cater your personality to suit them and make sure that your body language is open and confident. They should be able to feel sure that you are that stunning, magnetic lady they have been wanting to spend time with and enjoy.

Be confident enough to help them to fulfil and explore their fantasies, and allow them to walk away feeling completely satisfied. A satisfied client is always the ultimate aim. Remember, there are plenty of women out there that can do what you can do – so what makes you different? You have to show your clients why you are different.

Clients want the perfect, dream woman

Perfection is something that your client is looking for as they are paying for a service. Whilst you probably aren’t perfect – you should at least make them think that you are. Research hair and make-up, read up about the latest styles and spend some quality time on yourself to groom yourself to perfection

Remember – you are not a prostitute so subtly sexy is the look that you should go for. You need to look just like another woman, but with that edge that makes your client glad that they spent their cash on booking time with you.

As time goes on, you will get clever and learn how to read and understand each different client that you have. Some men just want to have a wild night of fun, some are looking for a touch of companionship and some just want a break from the norm – teach yourself how to differentiate the different men and that will help you when it comes to dazzling them with your personality.

Confidence is key

One of the most important facets of your personality that you should show in abundance is the fact that you’re not uptight, but you are polite and respectful. Your client absolutely must feel comfortable with you so that they want to share their fantasies, and to encourage him to share, you could also share some of your own. Totally made up if need be, but sharing encourages sharing.

Your looks are the first step, your personality is the second – you should be a good-looking entertainer who knows how to have and give a good time – this is how you win clients and encourage them to come back time and time again.