• How will Brexit affect the escort industry?

    A massive political move like this will affect almost every industry, but how will Brexit directly affect the escort industry?

How will Brexit affect the escort industry?

Well and truly on the horizon, Brexit is now something that every single profession should be thinking about, and wondering how it will affect them.

Set to kick into action in March 2019, Prime Minister Theresa May has informed the EU that the UK is leaving, and negotiations are well under way. A notion that has split the country into two regarding those who wanted to leave and those who wanted to stay, no matter what choice you sway towards, the fact is that it’s here, and we have to prepare.

A bit of a rush job, the Brexit decision was handed over to the British public after just 6 weeks of a campaign – hardly no time at all to decide the future for your whole country. Lies, false promises and absolute deceit hit from both sides of the campaign. The arguments put up to convince the public to leave included the amount of money we plough into the EU being too much, and how the free movement of people within the union has put a massive strain on our public services and jobs in the UK. These arguments pushed the public to leave.

Brexit affecting escorts

There’s no other way of putting it; a huge move like Brexit will have a ripple effect on pretty much every single job and industry in the UK. Some of the aftermath will be good for certain sectors, and some of the aftermath will be bad. 

But, how will it affect escorts?

First things first, when the UK leaves the EU, the free movement of people from other EU countries will more than likely be stopped. With many escorts within the industry now actually European, a lot of women from different countries have come to live, work and eventually settle within the UK. 

When the EU opened its doors to Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Latvia, Hungary, Slovenia and Slovakia in 2004, the UK had a large increase of the escort industry, and then when Bulgaria and Romania joined, it grew yet again. It’s no secret that the escort industry in Britain is thriving, and the UK being a member of the EU meant that many of the best European escorts out there could come over to the country and also be a part of it. So, when the UK leaves the EU, that influx of European escorts will reduce, and it will reduce massively, and London is the area of the UK that will more than likely be hit hardest, as this is where a vast majority of European escorts settle and live.

Clients in the UK like having a wide variety of choice of women, and agency owners have taken note of this and made special niche agencies that are exclusively for European escorts. These agencies manage to do well and cope because as one escort would leave, it was pretty much certain that another would join and fill the space that was left. The European market was one that was always available, and Brexit will slow this down massively. However, with European escorts set to become rarer than they have been in previous years, this means that those who are looking for European escorts should probably expect to pay a little bit more.

Borders won’t completely close, but when Brexit is in full swing, new laws and schemes will be put into place that mean when foreigners want to live and work in the UK, the rules will be a lot stricter. Educated guesses have been made that applications backed up by a corporate sponsorship will be favoured, and the likelihood of escort agencies being considered as a favourable sponsorship is very slim.

The education system in the UK is one that is a dream to people from countries that simply don’t have the same structure that we do here, so many escorts coming from European countries are actually also coming here to study. Education these days comes with a fee and EU students will pay the same amount as UK students, but when Brexit kicks in, those prices will more than likely go up to the rate that is charged overseas – around three times what it is in the UK.

Leaving the EU is something that will go on for a long time – it won’t be an overnight thing that sees us part of it one day, and then not the next, and it will more than likely take around two years for us to officially part ways. Whilst it is very likely that any EU citizen who already lives in the UK will still be allowed to do so, the volume of more coming over will reduce massively in the upcoming years.