• Fashion Style and Tips for an Escorts

    Make your own identity and do not follow others! It is the investment you are making into your profession and not actually showcasing your love for shopping.

Fashion Style and Tips for an Escorts

When it comes to escorting, fashion plays a role that is absolutely paramount. If you choose to work in the escort industry, then you have to be prepared to take an active, hands-on approach to being on top of your fashion game.

Being glamorous in particular is something that is very important to escorts, as men who choose to pay an escort want a woman who strays away from the norm in terms of looks and style. They are supposed to be different, they are supposed to command attention and they are supposed to bring a level of glamour that is worth every single penny. The women who take this side of escorting seriously are the ones who will get further in this career.

In terms of looking good as an escort, it is always important to take care of your skin, body, hair and makeup, but having a good fashion sense is the cherry on the top and will make you stand out from the rest with ease. Remember, you are paid to be unique and not to look like any other woman out there – you are meant to be in another league and should stand out in a way that will get you noticed and make your clients want to come back time and time again. Your client should want to flaunt you.

When you are wearing the right clothes, you will stand out, feel more confident and play up to the role that you are paid to play. Your client will feel like they have spent their money well when they see that other men are looking at you because you look good – this is a large part of being an escort.

Keep up with the latest styles

Make it part of your job description to keep up to date with the latest trends and fashion – this should be viewed as background research. Start by ensuring that you are well read when it comes to fashion magazines, and read the editorials that high street stores have on their website – you don’t have to spend a fortune to be stylish.

However, be willing to adapt your style to suit your client. Some men may like the modern look, some men may like a look that is a little more classic – get an understanding of your client and adapt your style to suit their individual taste. Your fashion sense should help to give you an identity that your client will remember and want to return to.

Keep your eye on the competition

If you find yourself unsure about what fashion to follow, then it is simple – take inspiration from your competition in the form of other escorts. Observe what they are wearing and adapt it to your own individuality.

Understand your own shape and body, and buy what you feel suits you and makes you feel comfortable. It may feel that you have a lot of rules to follow in order to stay up to date, but try not to view fashion as a chore – look at it as something that allows you to express yourself, see it as a fun perk of the job.

Subtle but sexy

If you are meeting in a public place, the chances are that your client won’t want you to show everything off – the key is to be sexy, but stay subtle, too. Don’t be over the top, allow your client to see your body and what it looks like, but don’t go out flashing too much flesh as this becomes vulgar, and clients don’t pay for vulgar. Remember – you are a professional providing a service, you are not a prostitute. The idea is to always keep you client wanting that little bit more – that is what keeps them interested.

Dress to suit your venue

When you know where you are meeting, start to plan your outfit around that. If it is an in-call or an out-call, whether you are having dinner or partying, these are all factors when it comes to deciding your outfit. If your client has given you any specific requests, then do what they ask as long as it is appropriate.

Maintain yourself

Visits to the beauty salon should come as standard when you are an escort, and by keeping yourself in the best condition you can, you are not only making sure that you look good, but you will feel good, too.

Don’t just think about your face, think about your body as a whole package and look after all of it. Plus, there is nothing better than being made to feel pampered – it’s a touch of luxury that is enjoyable, and it will boost your confidence, too.

Understand your own body

Whilst it is important to you take inspiration from others, after all, this is how we see fashion trends, it is vital that you get a good understanding of your own body and dress in a way that flatters your shape and your taste. Try a variety of different styles on and see what suits you – it is important to create that identity that makes you stand out in an industry full of good looking women.

Feel comfortable

The most important thing that you can do is ensure that you feel comfortable. No matter how great others may think you look, if you don’t feel great and if you don’t feel comfortable, then it will show. Being comfortable and confident is all part of your professional persona.

Be confident

The most important part of your fashion sense is your confidence. You can put hours on end into looking good, but you have to carry it well. Be your professional self, be confident and you are guaranteed to succeed.

Always remember – a client wants a good all-rounder, somebody who not only looks great but has the attitude to match. When you strike the balance, success will follow you.