• Basic Rules When Working as an Escort

    If you are considering a career – short term or long terms, part time or full time – there are a few basic rules you can follow.

Basic Rules When Working as an Escort

Working as an escort in London is a lucrative business to be a part of; there is a huge passing trade within the city, as well as a steady client-base that can offer you plenty of regulars. Many men who are based in London want pleasure and company, whilst those just passing are also looking for much of the same, with a bit of excitement on their business trips a great perk to their job.

Women who enter the business often worry that what they are doing isn’t legal, and may be nervous when it comes to their job. However, escorting is perfectly legal and now has an established standing as a well-respected, professional business. Some women enter the business on a short-term basis, using it as a way to make ends meet or pay for unexpected costs or luxuries. However, there are many women out there who make a long-standing career out of escorting, giving them the chance to earn a lot of money over a prolonged period of time.

We recommend following a few rules in order to maintain the generous wage packet, as well as stay safe whilst doing so. The following rules are a great foundation to build upon when it comes to your escorting career.


Do not meet somebody without screening them and knowing a bit of their background. Ever.

This is the absolute cardinal rule of escorting – with no exceptions. You have to be responsible and make sure that you are taking measures in order to keep yourself safe. Ask for a name and telephone number with every single booking, and if you are visiting them at home, then as for a landline number. No landline number? No home visit. This is one of the best ways to ensure you are meeting somebody who is genuine.

Make sure that you have a mobile number so that you can keep in touch with a client incase any plans change, as well as keep in touch incase the client gets lost on the way to your chosen meet up point. Make sure that you know what your client wants before you meet up, then you will get a better idea of them as a person and understand what fetishes that they want to live out. If the fetishes are too far for you, then you will know not to take the booking before you get there.


Travelling can be a very real and enjoyable perk of being an escort, but just because you might get to see nice hotels or places, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be careful when doing so. Always tell the client to let you know where you are meeting them, and don’t let them pick you up – make your way to the destination yourself and keep an element of control.

If you are meeting up in a hotel, go to the room first so that you can exchange money before the meeting starts properly – none of your time should be unpaid for when you meet up, even if it is for niceties such as having a drink or something to eat. Keep your business head on and remember that you are being paid for your time, every single second of it.

When travelling away from a hotel, then make sure you do so via taxi. Do not get in a car with a client just the two of you – this is one of the most basic rules when it comes to travelling.

Money and getting paid

This is your job, and whilst it might be a good time for your client, you should be paid from the moment that you meet up. Don’t accept anything but money up front, in full and in cash. If the client doesn’t have the correct amount and can’t get it from a cash machine immediately, then leave. Never ever accept credit cards as it may have no cash on it, and then you are allowing them to have the opportunity to dispute the payment later and claim it back.

Finally, make sure that the notes are real. This is a business transaction and many escorts will have their fee compromised with fake bank notes – carry a pen checker and be savvy.

Arriving to the meet up

Professional head on – it’s time to carry out your business, and like any business, first impressions are vital. Arriving five minutes early at your meeting place will allow you to get a feel for where you are; if the place is too loud or crowded, then leave – you need to be sure that you only have one client and no more, and a one on one environment is crucial for this.

Don’t be embarrassed to ask for your payment straight away – this is your business and you wouldn’t take a sip of a drink before paying for it in the shop. Get the money first so that you don’t get to the end and the client drops a bombshell that he doesn’t have a penny to pay you.

P is for professionalism…

You are not a prostitute – never forget this and never let anybody make you feel like you are. You are a professional escort and you should be able to use this professional attitude to keep control over your client at all times. By having this control, you always know what is going to happen.

Many clients get attached to an escort that they have used and whilst it is good to have regular clients, they need to remember that you a business providing a service for money. Don’t speak about things such as love or anything long-term as this could give them the wrong idea. Remaining polite and interested in what they have to say is essential as it reiterates your position as a professional who offers a well-rounded service and enjoyable company.

Being an escort isn’t something that is dangerous, but in order to succeed you need to keep your wits about you and remain professional incase an extreme situation, as rare as it may be, crops up.