• Are You Fit To Become an Escort?

    Are You Fit To Become an Escort? Like in any other job, this profession requires hard work and dedication as well and your determination to succeed!

Are You Fit To Become an Escort?

There is more to becoming an escort than just deciding and jumping right in – you have to consider so many different aspects of how you need to adjust, whether it be a mental adjustment, physical adjustment or even thinking about how you socialise in the future. Escorting isn’t an easy job and whilst the money tends to be a great motivator and incentive for most ladies, you have to remember that it won’t always be enjoyable, and there will be parts of this career that you possibly won’t like.

If you want to become an escort, you have to be ready to work hard, constantly change and adjust with the industry in order to stay on top, become strong emotionally and challenge yourself physically. There is a lot to consider when it comes to escorting and you need to maintain your standard as an escort in order to ensure that fantastic line of revenue stays in place, otherwise you simply won’t benefit from the money that is out there to be paid.

Whilst we live in a world that is pushing us to be less superficial, the escorting industry does not fall into this category and the men who are hiring female escorts want them to be great in every arena, otherwise why would they want to part with their cash? They aren’t looking for somebody they can find down the pub – they are looking for a dream girl, and it’s your job to deliver. You need to look good in both looks and body, you need to have a great personality mixed with a good dress sense and you need to be friendly, yet professional at the same time. Oh, and not forgetting sexy – that sex appeal should ooze out of you, but you should always be able to draw the line and stay in control.

When somebody is paying for a service with cash that they have worked hard for, they want that service to be good, and you have to make sure that what you are offering is up to their standards or you simply won’t get the return clientele. Every single client is different. Literally. One will be into certain things, another into something different, and you have to teach yourself to read each client and give them what they are looking for in each situation – having an open-minded attitude is absolutely key to doing this. Some clients will want to take you out publicly to parties or to dinner, but some may want you to just stay in the room – you have to be happy with all of the scenarios.

It takes skill to be an escort

Like any job out there, if you want to be an escort, you have to be good at it, otherwise what’s the point? No matter how colourful your personal sex life has been, it is all irrelevant – you are entering a world of fantasy, and you have to be ready to deliver on those fantasies; your satisfaction isn’t what’s important, it’s all about your client.

Escorting is also massively based on word of mouth, and clients who enjoy your service will recommend you to other, new clients, thus helping you to build up your clientele. It’s time to impress, and to do this you have to be dedicated. Don’t leave any stone unturned and ensure that you find out what your client wants so that you can deliver a service that really hits the mark with them.

Be ready for variety

There are many different kinds of clients who turn to the escort industry, so get ready to greet a massive range of people who can be demanding and know what they want. You may come across clients who you don’t click with, but sometimes you have to fake it and that’s the main goal – to make them believe that you’re enjoying it just as much as they are.

It’s not easy to put on a show you and you have to have a lot of self-control and inner strength, as well as an attitude that takes no messing. Being well groomed isn’t something that you should only address on the outside, it’s something you should address on the inside, too – you need to be a good all-rounder, for your own sake as well as your clients. Mentally, you may come against a lot of different people who will test you, but once you wrap your head around how the industry works, and you know how to come away from a client and detach, you are pretty much there in terms of making it to the top. All you have to do at this point is maintain a benchmark that you have created.

Talking to other escorts is a great way of learning how they handled everything when they started off, and hearing about their mistakes is a great way of ensuring that you don’t make the same ones. Don’t be scared to speak to other escorts – not everybody just views you as competition. Always remember, you aren’t irreplaceable within the escort industry and if you want to be a part of it, and do well, then you have to be willing to go that extra mile.

When you decide to become an escort, don’t jump in feet first, analyse the business and write down exactly what you need to do in order to stay at the top. Be cut throat but not unkind, be professional but warm and always strive to be the best, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to do well.